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Finding My Wings

A female self awareness program that focuses on the self awareness and spiritual welfare of referred victims to empower them and support the healing process.

Vera's Voice

A country wide social media campaign thats main aim is to raise the education of the general public with regards to Domestic Abuse.


A counselling and therapy services provided to women and children in education settings. Working in partnership with alternative provision schools and PRUs for referrals.

Breaking The Cycle

A professionally designed young person's educational program delivered in partnership with schools and youth services. Promoting and raising awareness of healthy relationships.

How We Do It

• In depth and pioneering holistic assessment of an individual's self awareness, mental health and emotional intelligence.

• Mother & child, group and one to one counselling and alternative therapies.

• Unique and engaging educational programs for young people. Covering subjects such as healthy relationships, body positivity, consent, sexual health, understanding emotions, self care, mindfulness and communicating needs.

• Innovative and empowering self awareness programs for females. Covering subjects of an enlightened and spiritual nature such as; astrology, numerology, meditation, mindfulness, law of attraction, crystals, chakras and mindfulness.

• Educational & therapeutic consultancy and supervision to other professionals supporting the women and child victims they work with.



What Makes Us Unique

• The only specialist women’s & child Domestic Abuse CIC in Thetford that specialises in the creation and delivery of holistic and spiritual services.

• Our expertise in understanding women and child mental health, behaviour and spiritual welfare.

• Our innovative and engaging education programs that raise awareness of real life issues in guidance with the ofsted framework.

• Our fresh and forward thinking social media campaigns that relate to the younger generation of victims.

• Central to the service is our relational approach – seeing each woman and child as a unique and limitless individual, listening to and understanding their experiences and building trust in a professional relationship.

Any questions?

If you need to get in touch with us please call, email or search for us on social media. We will respond to messages as soon as we can.


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