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Finding My Wings

Holistic Self Awareness Programme

An all female, holistic programme that focuses on the self awareness and spiritual welfare of domestic abuse victims; helping to empower them and support the healing process by using a specially designed, all encompassing holistic programme. As a result victims are empowered, resilient and aware.

Seeing improvements in health, quality of life, self esteem, employment and awareness as a result of this unique, holistically informed programme.



Group Therapy

Group therapy helps victims develop awareness that they are not suffering alone. Clients feel connected and gain a sense of belonging; the opposite to the familiar state of isolation, fear and shame that domestic abuse victims face.

Our group therapy facilitator creates a person centred safe environment; as a result the group authentically connects. Clients share their experiences and fears and also their courage; creating a peer support group.

Every client signs up to the confidentiality contract ensuring each person looks after themselves and each other; understanding that therapy is a positive, empowering and healing tool. Clients can then move on to the next steps of their journey and attend 1-2-1 counselling sessions. It is encouraged that this session is attended alongside the ‘Butterflies - Life Skills’ group.

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