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The Lyndon Project

A holistic programme designed to support male domestic abuse victims.

“In the UK 600,000 men per year are victims of domestic abuse”. (SafeLives 2019) .

The Lyndon Project was born out of a demand for equality and transparency within the The Vera Trust C.I.C. With the same vision and aims, we want to reassure, repair and restore male clients through our tailor made support programmes.

Offering fitness sessions to boost inner strength, mindfulness to bring clarity, group therapy to provide a relatable safe space and educational programmes to give knowledge and empowerment; collectively dispelling the myth that males do not suffer from domestic abuse.


In Har'men'y

Self Awareness Programme

of domestic abuse victims; helping to empower them and support the healing process by using a specially designed, all encompassing holistic programme. As a result victims are empowered, resilient and aware.

Seeing improvements in health, quality of life, self esteem, employment and awareness as a result of this unique, holistically informed programme.

Hard Talk

Group Therapy and peer support group.

gain a sense of belonging; the opposite to the familiar state of isolation, fear and shame that domestic abuse victims face. Our group therapy facilitator creates a person centred safe environment; as a result the group authentically connects.

Clients share their experiences and fears and also their courage, helping to create a peer support group. Every client signs up to the confidentiality contract ensuring each person looks after themselves and each other; understanding that therapy is a positive, empowering and healing tool.

Following this, clients can then move on to the next steps of their journey and attend 1-2-1 counselling sessions.

Men In Mind

Mindfulnes & Mediation

Our wellbeing facilitator runs an all male, 6 week mindfullness & mediation programme that focuses on mindfulness activities & breathing techniques in the first instance, then progressing on to deeper meditations. This session is an holistic alternative to dealing with anxiety, depression & low self esteem (conditions common amongst domestic abuse victims).

It is encouraged that this session is attended alongside the 'Hard Talk' group.

No Talk Fitness

Fitness & Health Programme

Our fitness facilitator runs an all male, 6 week fitness programme that delivers varied activities & techniques to build stamina, resilience and an inner strength. Helping to enhance mental wellbeing and the equilibrium of mind, body and spirit.

This session helps to alleviate anxiety, depression & low self esteem.

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